Inside the mind of an artist: Reasons why writers write

Ever read a book, get halfway through, check the back of the book for a page count and marvel at the fact that it has hundreds of pages, each with hundreds of words? Why would someone write 40,000+ words anyway? They must have done it daily, or at least a few times a week, for months! Do they have some sort of unique discipline? How do they come up with such complex plots and such deep character? What makes them a writer?

I guess it’s instinct for some of us, passion for others and a need to tell a belief or moral for a few. Patrick Rothfuss, author of the King Killer Chronicles said in one interview that he writes to make people happy.

For me I write because it’s a fun, calming hobby to make some extra cash. I have an anime series I have mentally outlined since I was ten. I currently am eighteen and although the series is too complex to remember the details of what it used to be, it has spanned at least 12 seasons in duration. It’s current form is a supernatural war story starring two brothers, both of whom are different aspects of myself. I literally have thought about it at least five minutes a day and have missed only about 20 days in eight years. After doing this for six years my brain raced with another story, a novel this time rather than a cartoon. I wrote just over 40,000 words. It took me from April 2011 to three days before Christmas of last year to finish it.

You might call it a passion, I call it a hobby and a dream job. I can tell fascinating stories similar to the authors I love. I have found many interests. I have found a love for astronomy as well as Celtic and Norse culture and Dragonology. I have learned much scientific, technological, historical, religious, cultural and practical information while researching my books.

I write for many reasons:

3. It helps me cope with life’s worst.

2. It can make tons o’ money if done correctly   Many of my favorite authors became bestsellers quick. Christopher Paolini made it huge, selling Eragon, his first book I might add, as a bestseller. I personally don’t care for her books but J.K. Rowling supposedly became the most famous fantasy author of her time, possibly outdoing Tolkien in popularity (Please writing gods, forgive me for this blasphemy. I only speak what i see!) I probably will self publish though. That means no $60 million for me. :_( Still I have heard of Erotic Novelists (If you don’t know what that is kids, don’t search it. It’s for mommies and daddies.) making $5000+ a paycheck in short stories. Granted I don’t write smut and I try not to read books that come anywhere close to smut but if I advertise correctly, spend the money for a good cover artist and use multiple stores I can probably make $1500 twice a month.

1. It it ain’t controversial it ain’t worth crap. This is my personal life quote. Think about the most interesting things in american history: American revolution– the fight against the most powerful nation on earth for independence. Civil war– Slavery vs. Abolitionism. Civil rights movement– Equality for minorities. WWII- a end to genocide of Jews, Blacks and Gays, among other social groups. The most controversial books last for lifetimes. Romeo and Juliet, 1984, Misery, Fahrenheit 451. Even Lolita if you like that sort of smut. If it sparks controversy without being just too much it’s going to make it big. I write to tell the most entertaining and controversial story.

Now before you go, I want to mention two people who you should seriously check out their books. Zack Umstead and Spencer Brokaw. I was followed by Zack on twitter and through him found Spencer. Never met either of them but they have a knack for writing for kids their ages. Follow them on twitter and check out this post by Zack:

I think Spencer has some good reasons for writing but I have to point out, If you truly love writing it will be a requirement in your life. Every author who has passion and a story to tell will have more stories, and with more stories that means more sequels, prequels and spin-offs.  In my personal opinion once you finish a book, one of two things will happen. You will realize it sucks and quit or accept it’s flaws and never stop.

Spencer also said it shouldn’t be about money. That doesn’t seem right to me because if you make a book, you will loathe it if it doesn’t sell. No I don’t mean you’ll loathe the book. My mom said that if my book is self published, what if it doesn’t sell to anyone out side my family. Heck, if that happened I flat out wouldn’t write something as long as a novel. I’d stick to short stories. He said that you will lack passion. I write partially for money but mainly to tell a story that some will despise, some will adore and some will use it to start a revolution. I love to write and have written blogs under different usernames for a long long time. I do it for money, but I only sell it because my books took me years, and I put my soul into them. They have my life’s dreams, passions, hopes and nightmares packed into a pretty cover and some paper. Anyway, respond in the comments, link my post, tell me what you think and like and follow QQ Productions.

We also are eventually going to make QQ an official company. Hopefully by fall 2013 we will have our first products. If you are interested in being a comic artist, maybe you’ll be considering working on my series I’m planning. We also need actors for a web series who live near Phoenix, AZ and someone who has a studio for CGI effects in that area would be nice. Message me on youtube, facebook or twitter if you want to apply. I will need a resume for actors. I will be checking to see how much I can pay and will update that soon. It won’t start for about eight months though.

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